K.M.P. Biotech Co,. Ltd. has been assesed the ISO9001 Version 2015 Surve
Prof. Dr. Pimchai  chaiyen

Dean of School SCHOOL OF BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (BSE) and our team visited KMP factory
8 December 2020
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd.
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd. has been assessed the 2nd GMP & HACCP audit system by Dr.Adul Permphol and staff from The Quality assurance system certification department, Animal feed and veterinary product control, Department of Livestock Development.
10-11 November 2020
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd.
Dr. Patcharee Thongkamkoon, Direct of Bureau of Quality Control of Livestock Products Division, Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives. to visited KMP factory.
14 August 2020
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd.