Customer visits

Prof. Dr. Pimchai  chaiyen

Dean of School SCHOOL OF BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (BSE) and our team visited KMP factory
8 December 2020
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd.
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd. has been assessed the 2nd GMP & HACCP audit system by Dr.Adul Permphol and staff from The Quality assurance system certification department, Animal feed and veterinary product control, Department of Livestock Development.
10-11 November 2020
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd.
K.M.P. Biotech Co,. Ltd. has been assesed the ISO9001 Version 2015 Surve
7 October 2020
K.M.P.Biotech Co., Ltd.